Welcome Session mit Ere Serrano

Sonntag, 9. Juli 2017
20:00 Uhr


Ere Serrano – Gesang
Norbert Heger – Klavier
Reinhard Kröss – Kontrabass
Michael Keul – Schlagzeug

Ere Serrano, jazz Singer with a warm, well-trained voice, full of nuances.
Her repertoire includes jazz Standards, Bossa Nova, as well as French, Spanish and Italian songs.
She began her musical education at the Musicians’ Workshop (Taller de Musicos) and at the School of creative music (Escuela de Musica Creativa) in Madrid.
Later on she extended her studies in New York where she attended the classes of Norma Garbo, vocal Coach of the “Manhattan School of Music”.
Moreover, she has trained vocal improvisation with Judy Niemack, Bob Stoloff, Michelle Weir, Barry Harris and Steve Zegree and regularly attends several international Jazz Seminars such as Castagnole-Turin (Italy), the Jazz and Wine workshops of Poysdorf in Austria, and has just taken part in a five-day “Estill Voicecraft” course imparted by Robert Sussuma in Madrid.
Her first C.D. “Mejor será Soñar” was recorded in 2005 with Bobby Martínez, Manuel Machado and Ariel Cubría.
She has peformed at the jazz festivals in Madrid, Cuenca and Talavera de la Reina. At the “Italian Cultural institut” of Hamburg, “Le petit Journal Montparnasse” and “Le Baiser Sale” of Paris she had the opportunity to present her a work devoted to the figure of “LUCIO DALLA”, a project which materialized in the recording of her second C.D. “Universo Dalla”, with the collaboration of German Kucich, Ariel Bringuez, Francisco Lopez “Loque” and Miguel Benito.

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